Lintas Sumbar - Deputy Governour of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit launches Branding Traveling of Solok Selatan District "Heart of Minangkabau" (Solok Selatan is the heart of Minangkabau tourism). There is additional financing for construction of Rumah Gadang Area which was initially assisted by Rp. 100 Billion to Rp. 143 Billion from the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo.
This was conveyed by Vice Governour of West Sumatra Nasrul Abit in his speech of Launching Destination Branding Solok Selatan event, and signing MoU Pemkab Solok Selatan with PT Inna Muaro in promotion of the gadang home area at Grand Inna Muara Hotel Padang, Thursday (29/3/2028)
 In this occasion is attending by Regent Muzni Zakaria, Director of Inna Muara, Sekdakab, Head of OPD environment Solkel regency, travel and also tourism figures of West Sumatra.
Furthermore, Vice Governour Nasrul Abit conveyed that we are happy that South Solok regency is running fast to establish the "Heart of Minangkabau" branding, which in West Sumatera has been set with "Taste Of Padang" and national is "Wonderful Indonesia".
When we push the growth of tourist visits to West Sumatra, the issue of disagreement about "Taste Of Padang" is hope not to be problem anymore. Let us together advance West Sumatra tourism, there is beauty, sense of security, sense of comfort, cool taste with a variety of culinary, actractions and souvenirs.
We must prepare all of it together and create a good tour that will be a big impact for the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which leads to improving people's welfare.
Unfortunately there is no concrete data about the number of visits which is have  correlation to the addition of minimum welfare in the location of tourism. We need to prove this data so that tourism activities give a good impact for thw progress of regional development, said Nasrul Abit.
Vice Governour Nasrul Abit also said that the number of flights increase in significantly, in 2016 there was an increase of 2.5 million flights with a flight capacity of 2.8 million flights per year.
The year 2017 increased to reach 3.9 million flights and Angkasa Pura promise to increase the number of flight capacity to 5.2 million flights a year.
From the number of flights currently are predicted the number of tourism activities reaches 60-70 percents of the amount available. It just how the district manages the tourists to stay in the area in directly to the community or not.
Congratulations to South Solok as "heart of minangkabau" of minangkabau tourism, hopefully able to provide an interesting destination area which are to be visited by everyone and become the best, said Vice Governour Nasrul Abit proud.
Regent of South Solok, H.Muzni Zakaria
expressed his deep gratitude to Group Hotel Indonesia Natour who has expressed readiness to help promote South Solok tourism, especially Saribu Rumah Gadang tourism. "Hopefully more widely known with this cooperation," explained Muzni.
Muzni said that SRG has received direct attention from the President of the Republic of Indonesia in the form of revitalization assistance worth Hundreds of Billion more, then it is our duty  to welcome it and have to participate as same as the President's attention
Tourism sector according to Muzni will help accelerate people's welfare. Moreover, south Solok known as _Unlimited Tourism_ its with so many attractions. There are Saribu Rumah Gadang (SRG), Batu Kapal Cave, Dozens of Waterfall Waterfall, Climbing Mount Kerinci *, and many others "And Saribu Rumah Gadang is the entrance to other Tourism Objects in South Solok," he explained
Meanwhile, Director of Hotel Indonesia Natour, Iswandi Said stated ready to cooperate to promote various tourism object in South Solok. "We have 48 hotels in Indonesia Grand Inna Padang is one of them, the largest _convention center_ in West Sumatera that is able to accommodate. Rel